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Our Products
Just like our original flavors, each of our products
take time to explain. Our content is coming soon!
What's coming up
As of February 1, 2010, there are some pretty
significant changes coming to this site:

1. A recipe section
2. A vendor section
3. Expanded product section
4. A flash game

Please check back soon to learn more!
Not for the faint of heart, our flavors
pack a wallop. Never a preservative
and all-natural ingredients are the
reasons folks keep coming back for
more. Check out our four signature
styles. Get your order in today!
Spice Packs
We use only the finest choice herbs
and chilis to make up our ready-to-
use spice packets. Add them to
meat, seafood, veggies, tofu or fake
meat protein for a zesty zing that's
on your table in minutes flat.
Dried Chilis
Our specialty peppers are hybrids
gleaned during The Cid's adventures in
the Caribbean, Central America and the
Indian Subcontinent. Only the finest
chilis are chosen to be hand- or
sun-dried for use all year 'round.
Learn how to make some fast and
scrumptious dishes straight from
The Cid's Magic Vault. All his
recipes work with meat or meatless
protein, so you can enjoy the kick
without all the guilt.
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