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We Don't Go Mild!
El Cid Spice Co Features All-Natural Ingredients
If you're not sweatin', I'm not smilin'. ~ The Cid
Not for the faint of heart,
our flavors pack a wallop.
Never a preservative and
all-natural ingredients are
the reasons folks keep
coming back for more.
Check out our four
signature styles. Get your
order in today!
Spice Packs
We use only the finest
choice herbs and chilis to
make up our ready-to-
use spice packets. Add
them to meat, seafood,
veggies, tofu or fake meat
protein for a zesty zing
that's on your table in
minutes flat.
Dried Chilis
Our specialty peppers are
hybrids gleaned during
The Cid's adventures in
the Caribbean, Central
America and the Indian
Subcontinent. Only the
finest chilis are chosen to
be hand- or sun-dried for
use all year 'round.
Learn how to make some
fast and scrumptious
dishes straight from The
Cid's Magic Vault. All his
recipes work with meat or
meatless protein, so you
can enjoy the kick without
all the guilt.
Years ago one man set out on a quest. His determination burned as bitterly
as the
hot sauces on his tongue. "There will be flavor!" he cried as he and his family
rode out of Valencia. Eventually his travels led him to a fertile valley in the legendary
high desert of Western Colorado. The land:
unforgiving. The soil's chili plant:
unforgiven. Wiry, reedy vegetation yielded lush, biteful chilis that snapped and
. A tear filled his eye as the flavor hit his nose and throat.

Here there will be flavor," he whispered. And on that spot The Cid built his farm.
Customer Testimonials
Hot, but with real flavor.
That BOB Sauce is my
personal favorite.
Be ready to sweat. This ain't
kinda sauce!
You won't find finer chilis.
The fresh Caribe is good for
kicking out pasta salads --
dried and hand-ground will
rock your pizza.
You like flavor, right?
Our main products are fresh bottled salsas,
spice packets and dried chilis.
We have no mild flavors. In fact, many people
consider our regular to be hotter than most
brands' hot.

Our bottled salsas never contain preservatives
and are available for sale from July-October.
For Restaurants & Vendors
_ _Last year's entire fresh Caribe and Butterfire
hybrids were sold before harvest. Please
consider that our crops mature around late July
through early August. Early orders ensure full

We will be testing fresh salsa product quality at
choice locations throughout the Grand Valley, in
Western Colorado. Trials start in mid-July 2010.
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