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Always on the quest for flavor, The Cid spent 25
years searching for the finest chilis in the world. But
his task was only halfway complete: in order to meet
their potential, the best peppers need the right soil.
Heat is only half the story
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The famous and mysterious Caribe
(kuh-REE-bay) chili led The Cid to the
farthest reaches of the Caribbean until he
discovered the cultivar with the best
flavor, texture, drought resistance and a
seed stock that yields 100,000 Scovilles.

Back in Colorado, those seeds were
painstakingly crossed with Indian and
Guatemalan chilis known for their
devastating, near-hallucinogenic heat.

The resulting chili has been narrowed to
five mother plants whose clones keep the
flavor moving forward. And that's just one
flavor of pepper!

More than five years of cross-breeding
and propagation go into every chili fruit
we sell, and that's what gives our salsas
and spices their kick with flavor!
Mean Soil Makes A Nice Pepper
Chilis like weak soil, but they really like
soil that's rich in potassium and
phosphorus in just the right amounts --
and at just the right time.

Western Colorado is a big dry seabed
with all of that weak soil and precipitated
chemicals in our target grow zone. After
all, amending the soil can only go so far,
so The Cid applied his years of
experience to make the salty earth work
for his chilis.

Try one this season! You'll be surprised.
One of the best peppers we ever found was on
top of a dish at the Hotel Montana in London,

A Pakistani cook named Farooq convinced a
waiter named Dhishi to hand over his Private
Stash. Our curry was topped with three fresh
chiles that made us feel as if we were seeing
through time. And they weren't especially hot.
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You are still amazed by the
awesomeness of the chile pepper,
no? Check back in a few weeks for
growing tips and The Cid's top
secret propagation diary!